All too often, positive news is put on the back burner by broadcasting organizations. If spoken of at all, it’s reported as an afterthought. Media corporations completely have the power to alter the public’s perspective of the world in a positive light, but as the adage goes, “it doesn’t sell.” The consumer is given little choice: either keep up with strictly negative news which would have you believe the end of the world is near, or numb oneself in page after page of mindless distraction and cute kittens.

News En Rose has been created with the idea that indeed, the public does care about positivity and the happy repercussions that come from surrounding oneself in a healthy dose of optimism. If people can be granted a small glimmer of hope in this weary world, they might be more inclined to change the wrongs. It’s important to stay current while still recognizing that yes, there are good people and good things happening in the world. So read on, and don’t lose hope.





Regarding the photos…

In the interest of respecting the photographer (or at least the source), any time you click on the photos in the posts, it will lead you to the website from which I got the original photo. If any of these photos belong to you and you do not wish me to use them, please get in touch with me and I will promptly remove it. Thank you.


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