Don’t have much time for an entry as I’m leaving in 15 or so to head to work. But I couldn’t resist posting this little nugget of joy.

Raffi basically gave me the music for my childhood, and now he gives me the soundtrack–or at least some of it–for my adulthood.

If you don’t live in Canada or follow its politics, you probably don’t know who Jack Layton is: an MP who led the New Democratic Party (NDP) up until he lost his battle with cancer last August. Prior to that, in the most recent election, he led the NDP party to the minority house leader in Parliament, which is a huge thing to do against the Liberals here.

But sadly, as I say, he left this world a few months ago. He must have known he was on his way out, because he wrote a heartfelt “Letter To A Nation” before he left. Raffi took that saddening letter and turned it into a song, which he is not making money off of, just handing it out to Canadians for free.

Raffi is a guy who is well known for his children’s songs and sing alongs, and he makes me very, very happy. So for me, it’s fantastic that the two have come together to create something that is beautiful in the wake of a death of a great leader.