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I won’t pretend that I knew a whole lot about this ongoing issue in Burma. But the article popped up on my daily reading of BBC, and this phrase sparked my little heart, “The suspension is seen as a rare victory for social activists.”

You can read all about it in the article here, but apparently the president of Burma decided to stop work on a dam that was going to displace thousands of Kachin villagers.

Why should you care? This kind of insurgency and outrage isn’t new for this area. According to the Beeb, it’s been super violent in this region in the last decade. This seemingly small move is really important for the Burman people. Another quote from the article I love, from a man who is quoting his president, “He said that his government, being born out of people’s desire, has to act according to the desire of the people.”¬†And who said idealism is dead?

If this particular topic interests you, I’ve added some links here as well: