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I, for one, have always wondered what the big deal is with changing over to green energy. (Says the naive girl.) I know it has to do with a number of things, including sleazy politics, an unwillingness to change, big business, and just plain denial. But really, at the end of the day, whether or not global warming really exists (are we really going to argue that one, people?), isn’t it a good thing to protect the earth we’re living in? Give something back? Certainly it can’t hurt.

And it seems I have found some clues suggesting the U.S. government is starting to pick up on it. This article talks about a new report from the Department of Energy suggesting that there is a greater investment in efficient cars and car related technology, which will possibly help more in the long run than making efficient homes and buildings. Their logic makes sense when you consider how long a car usually runs versus how long a building will stand.

The article links to another article, which is worth recommending on its own. According to a bunch of multinational engineers, we have the technology now to reduce emissions by 85% by the year 2050. 85%, people! That’s incredible.

(And by the way, the website Good from where I got these articles in the first place is generally recommended for your daily positive reading. Not every post is beaming with sunshine and it is loaded with a liberal bias, but it’s well written and researched.)

Generally what happens in the U.S. affects what happens here in Canada, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Harper wants to copycat these particular recommendations.