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Well, well, well, good on you, NY Times… they seem to be doing a series of articles called “Small Fixes,” which cover innovative ideas that–so far–are working really well around the world to save lives. Most of these life-saving inventions revolve around things we here in the developed world take for granted. For example:

Clean Water: I myself have fantastic spring water at my house; I’ve even had friends bring their water bottles over and stock up on its fantasticness. Not so much in developing countries, but a Swiss company called LifeStraw is changing things. Read about it here and how it purifies water for individuals and families that don’t have access to clean water.

Lower Risk of Cervical Cancer: This particular treatment used by medical practitioners in Thailand sounds strangely like a home remedy; it involves simple household vinegar to detect the presence of cervical cancer in women. Used purely as a proactive solution, I love it.

There are a few more inventions and ideas that Times is talking about in their science section. You can find them in the left hand column if you click on the links to these articles. Hurray for smart and generous people!